Silvo Pasture/Tree hay

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Silvo Pasture/Tree hay

Post by farmgal » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:59 pm

I think this is the last subject I will be starting with plans to do working follow up over the next weeks and months and on this one most likely years to come with more information coming in.

What is Silov Pasture (its easy and old fashioned, its making sure you have a combo of scrub brush, managed trees/shelter belts)

How do we add in Tree hay to that.. we once again look outside canada to see where drier/hotter countries use the idea's above to cut down on a rolling base tree growth that is higher then the livestock's grazing height, therefor doubling your land's ability to produce, grazing pasture on the ground and active massive tree pasture growing above their heads.

Move that from places that have heat and larger land mass's to the smaller holder and you start to bring in pollarding and hundreds of years of working with different types of hedgerowing in Europe. I am working on seeing if I can get a day training here on the farm in regards to planting out a couple more rows of willows planted and planned for future combo silver pasture and tree hay.

right now, I have mainly norway maple, which works ok for the goats/sheep but not so good for the horse's.. willow and ash would be so! much better but ash has a real issue here with the emerald ash boer.

Also using this system to create fence posts (a hundred cedar being planted in yearly for the next while as a combo of feeder and future fence posts) and also once allowed to grow, a smaller builit in wood supply as well.

C5 had a excellent post on this in his colorful style but I liked his photos and really loved the video's he found (how does he find the best how to, show you this or that video..he is clearly mastered u-tube in a way I have not)

https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresear ... gots-p-ii/

Honestly there is so much more on this subject that I am not sure how to split them all out or just lump it all together.. but I think I am going to just pull it all into this thread.

So heard of some of it? working any of it? Think.. nope I have all the tools and proper bush, I do not need to do any of it?

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Re: Silvo Pasture/Tree hay

Post by cernunnos5 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:34 am

Thanks, farmgal. I'm glad you liked.

As usual, I can see there is not much interest in the truly useful stuff. You should have put SHTF or Bug Out or Gun Confiscation in the title to really suck in the readers

After writing the Adapters article, totally burnt out, I had hoped to not write again for a while. The problem was, I had a couple more good articles that had been floating around in my brain wanting to be written. That one on post apocalyptic wood was one that needed to be written.

Plus I was coming across as too respectable with the Adapters article, and needed to get back to being the black sheep of the prepper world. Iconoclast to the end.

This time of year, we transition from thinking of trees as energy or meat, and begin to think of them as sugar. When the food stores are getting low... and nothing else is growing yet... there is one last source of high energy calories from trees to be "Tapped".

I'm on that at the moment... though I am not getting a great EROEI.
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