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A Nuclear Explosion: A Really Cool Website

Post by Wayne » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:56 pm

This Website is really interesting: http://www.nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/. Go to the map, zoom out and drag the red marker to ground zero. Select (from the drop down menu) the type of nuclear device you want to explode and push the detonate button. Viola!

You can drag the windsock to different directions and the area of radioactive influence will change. You can also see the differences between the same device exploding in a ground or surface detonation and you have an option to select multiple detonation (more than one missile). If you select casualties, it will also provide this information as well.

Don't forget to scroll down on the right screen to explain the fallout information and remember to click detonate again, if you change any of your selections, so this can be updated.

Something to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon... :-)

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Re: A Nuclear Explosion: A Really Cool Website

Post by Clarence » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:10 am

Wayne. I am pooped from maple syrup and cleaning up the outdoors, no lazy Saturday afternoon for moi.

I haven’t found the book that I wanted to post the title on. stuff that would screw up our lives royally. one nuclear event that would be ever so easy for bad guys to do is the following. ALL open source so not breaking any oaths.

Two dirty bombs discovered in some toy etc in containers on west coast sea ports. Not even detonated!

just find a device hidden in TV set or any of the millions of different products coming into the nation 24/7. Result. Instant and total shutdown of the four deep water ports on west coast and very likely east coast ones as well. Nothing being allowed in or unloaded until all containers are checked and here’s the real fun part. All inbound shipments being refused to berth or unload.

What do you get? Instant stock market crash, just in time delivery stops, every Walmart..................shut down in days. Things start failing because replacement parts made in *censored* I'm a potty mouth hole slave dictatorship China are not available etc.

There’s a shtf real event and nothing even goes bang, pop or fizzle. Just impact to everything. If memory is correct, the experienced authors Theory was nothing would get in for months.

By the time they cleared the tens of thousands of containers and allowed new ones in and cleared each ship it would be months upon months. Enormous undertaking, I don’t think we would be ready to handle. No true idea, and just a guess based on what we see in response for any relatively minor event. When I heard the speaker discuss this in DC, I said, holly snap, that would do us in. So while a nuke event would be hairy, the collapse from a few tiddly unexploded dirty bombs would be enough to create mass chaos.

Maybe we will all be nice to each other and share what we have and gov would handle in efficient manner. Or maybe not.

Here’s another one I remember. While not nuclear, it would be dramatic. Damage waterway control gates used by coal barges bringing coal to western electrical plants. Poof, no power in entire mid west/ Chicago etc. Again economic collapse.

Point being, there are a myriad of easy to initiate events that require extremely little expertise or costs to execute. Effect would however be enormous. So for me, I see easy to execute attacks affecting supply chain or economy as biggest threat. Me detecting if a nuclear bomb has gone off is at the bottom of my worry points. We are a continent of critical weak points and no one ever need fiddle with bombs to cripple us.

TRY and imagine tens upon tens of millions, suddenly unemployed within days to maybe a week!

Again, all open source from books available everywhere. It’s simply a matter of people understanding how exposed we are to a dramatic and easy to execute event. Once one looks at how piss poor a job we do with a dopey flood or fire, you realize how we are living in fantasy land about a true disaster. Few of us would even want to really live in a post nuclear world, so I would focus on the effect of tens of millions suddenly becoming unemployed due any number of pick a weak point disasters

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