Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

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Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:10 am

Seems there are finally some videos from the east again ...

- Ukraine military again firing on Slavyansk

- South front: Ukrainian forces fire upon OSCE observers

- South Front: OSCE states 4000 killed in east Ukraine.
the difference is this video mentions the thousands wounded also and that is someone our news always seems to leave out.

- and Ukraine forces start their assault upon the east in earnest.

- Press TV: drones used to surveil the area and correct for artillery fire
Seems the rebels are getting some high tech toys too. Note it looks like a US military drone with ASUS laptop? Russian supplied?

- Ukraine Today: regions of Donetsk suffer from power failure
Really? IS this some sort of attempt to make their plight look less bad as they portray something trivial as a power outage that many of us have faced? Most don't have a house to heat and are presently hiding in shelters from the shelling. They show that they are offering water to some as a gesture of kindness. Stopping the shelling would be a far better gesture I'd think.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Sat Nov 22, 2014 7:31 pm

IS Something BIG Brewing?

There is alot of buildup by the Ukraine army and the news media is constantly trying to convince the public that Russia is up to something... meanwhile..

- War in Ukraine: shows the destruction left after new shelling upon Donetsk
note the lack of body armor as it often makes it easy to see who is on which side.

- CNN: shows a hospital in the east
an amazing thing for CNN to show that only Russia is supplying this hospital to help those in the east. I do note that they only focus on a child with asthma instead of those many others maimed by this crisis and shown elsewhere in other videos. These hospitals also have alot of critical patients due to the soldiers having no bullet proof vest as the enemy has.

- War in Ukraine: another video showing equipment and ammo left by the retreating Ukraine army.
Another good watch. From damages shown, one has to admit that the rebels give them a hell of a scrap! The UA seems to leave alot of equipment behind upon retreat. Makes you wonder why this is so common? The stockpiles of ammo left are immense...

- Press TV: Ukraine accuses Moscow or cross border shelling

- RT News: this is analysis used to debunk last accusations of the same
one has to also note that at no time did the US state that these images were authentic, but just allowed the media to play up this atrocity instead knowing if it is played enough times, it is then viewed as truth anyways.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:19 am

Anti-Maidan: priest of the east ask those of the west for help
various priests state that food is short and the people need anything the west can offer. If the world ignores these pleas now as winter sets in, then you know Satan has our leaders in his grip

- Ukraine Army shelling kills 8 when hitting public market ... ine&page=4
they counter with stating they lost 7 soldiers fighting the rebels

- Press TV: Ukraine uses Incendiary weapons again

- Ukraine Today: complains about Russia's 8th aid convoy to the east
They offer nothing to the west and yet criticize Russia for having compassion they don't have

- News World: check out how the UA has destroyed Semenivka
it's like they hit every house in town, amazing to do so

- War in Ukraine: present strategic map of frontline
Caution: This also shows the dead civilians and children from the constant Ukraine Army shelling. And all the lies they tell us daily doesn't hide this disgusting fact!


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:01 am

- WarLeaks: UA artillery fired day and night
the night images show x10 outgoing versus incoming yet later show a direct hit on their local. This seesm to be a good demonstration of quantity vs quality shooting

- Ukraine Today: states 1/2 million people displaced by war
seems they are only counting those the west support...they forget to mention that OSCE had noted Russia was supporting almost a million refugees back in October.

- seems that UA has recaptured Slovyansk and thus give the people some aid
2 loaves each, that's it...yet they suggest they will win the people over with this gesture of kindness. You think they won't remember that these same folks are the ones shelling and starving them?

- News TV: Ukraine army tortures civilians
shows masked soldiers displaying beaten and tied prisoners. An easy way to know who is who is to note which soldiers have body armour as even the rebels leaders seem to have little. Swollen cheek bones verify the beatings given.

- seems Ukrainians want to record their dirty deeds
3rd part in a series proving the systematic shelling of civilians in the east. Soldiers confess the UA promises 30 years in prison if they don't fight those in the east

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Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by peppercorn » Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:08 pm

Well I am going to nickname you sunshine after that last vid, its always amazing just how red blood can be, it should be watched along side that chris martin podcast that c5 just put up.
Not that it maters really, its not like people here give a damn or will do anything, or even could do anything if they gave a damn.
Fools really, taking the time to record mortor strikes and artillery barages, thinking those firing will stop because of the damage they are doing...soldeirs do there job period..

couple things may be missed that should be pointed out...first you hear how they complain about being bombed in the market, going to work, how what they have worked for is being destroyed..The donbass industrial base contains much heavy industry..these people work hard for what they fact there is a lot of resentment to those in the west part of the country, as they are seen as not really doing for themselv's, not working and contributing (tax's)as much to their country. Taking from the Donbass area for themselves and not giving could say much like we in Alberta view Quebec. Right or wrong there is this historical grievence, and now to add irony to it they see the people they have supported now send rockets and artillery back as a thank you.
When the country was in its worst shape (not that its great now) pre 2000 period and could not pay for gas Russia threatened to cut off gas but didnt, infact the smelting furnace's of Donetsk were kept hot by free gas from Russia...I was told that had the gas been cut off and the furnaces cooled, they would have been destroyed. People remember who helped them when they are down, and it wasnt the west.
You will also note the importance of papers, even amounst the dead they round up their papers (passport), sort of a hold over from communist times where you could not even get on a bus or train without showing your papers, you would have to produce your papers on demand at any time, it was how the state controlled you, without papers you could do nothing..not get a flat..not work...not travel..not do anything...its quaint really, we are so much more advanced here...same show me your papers type of control, just hidden and much more electronic.
Now it wasnt really thinkable a year or so ago that these two would be fighting each other, you could have asked anyone east or west and they would have said not possible.. They know well the cost of war..the people despite their problems didnt want to fight each other, little did they know that what they want is irrelevent. I fully expect action from Russia on this, and without warning...I maybe wrong but I just cant imagine them not moving in, in mass when whole cities are being rolled with grad rocket fire. Now Ukraine has no choice, they have to kill in mass or drive out everyone they can or else they will leave a base for partisan fighters...for decades to come. I am sure they are getting good advice on just how best to do that.

Just reread that, "good advice" thats a missnomer if there ever was one.
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Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:21 am

Yes. It seems that sometimes a little shock therapy is what is required to awaken the conscience. That last link was quite gruesome but I posted it because it shows the dirty side of this war. I often suspected those firing the artillery were somehow ignorant of the potential for killing of civilians in their job. This video shows them using drones to confirm their targeting and thus removes any doubt of such things. They are intentionally hitting civilian targets and thus killing civilians.

When was this an endevour in the past? Oh ya, Vietnam, Korea, Hiroshima, and every other war in which the US was involved. Seems we ignored the killing then too.. so is fighting for democracy just an illusion then? It seems the rebels are fighting for freedom while the Ukranians are fighting for enslavement in reality :shock:


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:47 pm

- RT News: the 8th convoy arrives in Donetsk
800 tons of supplies. Note the flash showing some sort of officials are taking pics of their contents. Russia now even have reporters film to verify the trucks are empty upon return to Russian territory.

- Ukraine Today: here is the west's story on these convoys
seems they still play the card that Russia supplies weapons thru these convoys

- Euromaidan: demand for humanitarian aid is high
I don't think so many people would line up in the cold if they really didn't have to.

- Press TV: rebels fire artillery back at enemy
remember the guns they captured earlier? Seems they found a use for them...

- Press TV: rebels fire from residential area
this is so wrong as it gives the UA justification to claim they have reason to shoot at residential districts. In their defense, this may be AU instead as I have seen footage that a large contingent of artillery has moved in Donetsk here

Ukraine Today: UA claims they are not allowed to shoot at rebels hiding in residential areas
Really, they just seem to hit them all the time anyways, right?

- Press TV: aerial footage from Ukraine drone
I post this mainly to show the capabilities of the Ukraine army. With this capability, they have can hit targets accurately if they wish to.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:41 pm

Cease Fire Talks to be Held on Dec.9

Nice, Ukraine is willing to talk again.....or are they?

- claims Poroshenko will honour ceasefire on Dec 9

- Press TV: Kiev welcomes home soldiers from the front lines
not the most heartwarming parade I must say. Is this crowd rallying behind their soldiers or just going thru the motions?


- South Front: the east notes UA buildup on various fronts and prepare for a heavy assault

- Anti-Maidan: rebels show off their new presents from the UA

- Ukraine News: reporters travel around with rebels
note the Russian body armor and they try out many Russian weapons. The envoy is better protected than any rebels I have seen to this point. Either these soldiers are with the reporters or at least some are now being outfitted by Russia with body armor.

- Ukraine Army advancing to the frontlines
This is far heavier tanks and artillery than used before. Note the size increase? Seems the rebels are again outgunned and their body armour is no match for this armament.

- ABC News: Russia and Ukraine clash
note that the title suggests Russian intervention while the reporter "assumes" that their strike force is going to take back that which has been seized by pro-Russian forces..he doesn't mention that they are just defending their homes as they fight to hold the Donetsk airport so they can't shell the city anymore. And then they blame Moscow for this action.... pathetic reporting as there is no evidence ever given while the Ukraine army gains strength from NATO donations.

- RT News: Poreshenko gives the UA their new weapons to win with.
In his speech he said"We have reached a preliminary agreement that the meeting in Minsk will be held on December 9. Ukraine sets several tasks - the approval of a schedule of implementation and realisation of Minsk arrangements, meaning that on December 9 a day of an artillery silence is to be held, and over 30 days we have to accomplish the line of demarcation specified in Minsk protocol. "

I'd say that Poroshenko is only getting ready to do battle instead! I'm betting that the peace talks will consist only of some major threats to then justify Ukraine taking this battle to a new level as to end this conflict for good as he states they only have 30 days....why is that anyway?

So what will Russia do in the meantime? Will they just watch as the east is annihilated as Putin mentioned that he won't allow this to happen. But the attacking forces are only Ukrainians so far with NATO supplied weaponry. You can see that this is the push expected to bring Russian interference for all EU countries to see. Meanwhile NATO's first strike forces await commands on the border of Poland....

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.....

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Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by peppercorn » Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:46 pm

cease fire= time to reload
Give a man a gun, and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob the world.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:54 pm

- Ukraine equipment goes to the front
seems no one ever mentions the color of the tanks being different. I'd bet that this is equipment given to Ukraine by other countries. It is still of Russian and Ukrainian design because they are manufacturers and had sold them previously to their neighbours.

- Red Cross brings supplies to Crimea
why not then too to east Ukraine? Crimea is blocked off for access to roads also for import. Since all the boxes state Russian text, maybe they are from Russia's Red Cross

- Euro News: hundreds of veteran Chechen fighters volunteer to support the rebels

RT News: shows the rebels repairing more tanks and APC's taken from the enemy.

- South Front: today's news events including US train load of military vehicles spotted near Russia's border

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