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Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:06 am

-NATO: shows Ukraine army training received during NATO's war games
These folks overthrew their previous government but 8 months ago and elected this new leader only 5 months ago, yet NATO is now backing them in a civil war... a "Coalition for Peace" they claim, as they have brought so much peace to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan.

- Press TV: you can follow the rebels as they storm the Donetsk airport.
Do you note that some wear runners and the variety of weapons and uniform. Many don't have any bullet proof vests either. You can tell that they don't have the backing that the Ukraine army does to outfit them properly. Yet these guys seem to give the Ukraine army a good run for their money. It appears that they hold at least a portion of the airport and little to no fighting. I always marvel at how they appear to be shooting at what seems nothing really...(for the cameras of course).

- Press TV : shows Ukraine army dug in somewhere near Donetsk

- Ukraine TV: now stating that 90% of the rebels are Russian.
Do those above appear to be Russian soldiers?

- RT News: US talks with Poroshenko
Does this sound that they are working towards a peaceful resolution? Remember that they agreed to pull back 30 Km from the hot zones and yet it was them who continued to shell Donetsk throughout the ceasefire from the airport.

- Press TV: Ukraine receives it's first of 5 drones. They also claim the Ukraine army still presently holds the Donetsk airport
French and Germany are supposed to be using these drones to monitor the ceasefire. Meanwhile Ukraine TV and a few others still proclaim that Russia is continuing their invasion of Ukraine. Russia still has done nothing (as usual), but I do wonder why no media sources (including RT) stand up and challenge such comments as they mislead the public into thinking Russia has invaded.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:09 pm

- RT News: non translational but near the end Poroshenko is inspecting the new war toys supplied by the EU

- AFP News: the US wants forces to retreat to form the no fire zone.
Of course this is after the rebels finally took control of the Donetsk airport to stop the continuous shelling of that region since May.

- RT News: German aid convoy but only made it to the west so far

- Ukraine News: their again crying that Russia doubled the gas price even if they do pay their outstanding bill
they forget to mention that Russia gave them the gas at a great discount before for their use of Crimea. Somehow the deal is no longer available....maybe because they are killing Russian speaking Ukrainians?

- seems France has again cancelled delivery of their battleships. Check out their specs..
I'm betting others have now opted to buy them instead...more for us, less for them! :D

Now the good thing about a coalition of governments such as the EU is that west Ukraine is being given temporary support from the EU to keep Ukraine focused on it's attack of the east. The people would have lost hope and opted for a peaceful solution to this conflict otherwise as their economy would have totally collapsed by now without these small handouts. But overall, the west is even further in debt and they can only follow the path set by those who hold their fate in their grasp.

Yet Russia is no saint either as to Ukraine's plight.
Note that these people never even had gas heat after 33 years of promises. It is hard to understand how a region with so many resources could be so poor. Seems many people had wells and not even running water in some videos. I admit that they don't bring gas to where I live either but it is not too far away for the majority. Russia definitely kept the Ukraine people in a state of reliance upon Russia and this is what the EU exploited to create such a war.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:58 am

- CAUTION: this one is VERY GRAPHIC-

I post it to show what these people in the east are going thru daily. You can see folks walk amongst the dead in shock. Then the questions of who to blame. The comments then go to the news they see and the falseness of it. Even with little infrastructure left, the shelling and the lies continue. I'm sure the author of this film also wants us viewers to understand their situation. This is just a glimpse of what they live with daily.

A Ukraine general being interviewed (time @ 41:00) claims that the art of artillery hitting specific targets have been perfected and therefore when the shelling hits civilian structures, it is because those structures were specifically targeted. Yet those firing the artillery don't have to see the havoc they cause. A man in the video states "what are their terms" as there is none being offered. If all those in the east surrendered tomorrow, do you really think that Ukraine would have peace? Do you think that the Ukraine government would relocate them? If so, where? If not, would they help them rebuild? No... Would the west feed them?

Their enemy hides behind many layers of lies and are being supported by the EU and NATO. and they are suspect of enticing the west into shelling those of the east for promise of better days ahead. Is this the path to democracy? I doubt it! Meanwhile, we are being mislead into believing that these east Ukrainians are bad people when they have done nothing but defend their homes and die.

We all know this video isn't staged, that this is real misery brought to you by a fascist regime and paid for by us. Yet it is destined to get much worse as we have only asked for more when they spoon feed us this crap of who's in the wrong. It's easy to see if you just look.....seems we are backing the fascists!


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Fri Oct 10, 2014 7:25 pm

- Press TV: this video shows a train with pro-Russian markings carrying alot of new tanks and APC's in the Luhansk region.

My 1st thoughts were that the Russians must be finally moving in. I read some of the comments below and decided to study the video further. If the Russians are shipping this equipment, we should hear it from the rooftops soon enough. They indeed look new, not used stuff repainted. The east does have a tank factory, but why so many at once and not a few at a time? What I did note though is that the helicopter at the end is most likely a German NH90, a transport /utility helicopter as no Russian, Ukraine or US helicopter fits that outline otherwise. This could be OCSE spotting or indeed even a ruse to suggest movement as justification for action. Loading a train such as this takes time and satellite imagery would betray them long before they even started out.

- Aint-Maidan: rebels capture large ammo site before retreating Ukraine army could blow it

- War in Ukraine: Donetsk city after shelling from a NATO supplied Touchka U ballistic missile
I don't know how much damage shown is from this missile, but the crater alone is immense.

- Ukraine Today: the Ukraine army at Crimea's border is being supplied with rail cars for bunk houses for the coming winter

- War ion Ukraine: the current situation at the Donetsk airport

Now I just found this Canadian site that is CIPS, Centre of International Study in Ottawa, which dissects the Ukraine war and each sides potentials. ... ebA2EI5i4g
I haven't watched much and expect it to back the government of Canada's position in NATO, but was amazed that what I have seen is quite neutral and factual so far. I'm hoping it isn't going to try to justify Harper's perspective that we must jump blind into this fray with both feet.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:25 am

-War in Ukraine: rebels captured Ukraine soldiers who pretend to be rebels and then rob the civilians of the east region.
This has been a tactic used for the last while and there is said to be another 7 or 8 groups remaining to create bad relations for the rebels amongst the population.

- RT News: France protesting Ukraine Nazi backed war

- Latest TV News: Russian currency continues to fall
Putin doesn't seem to care as he says it strengthens their economy ... uble-falls

thats about all for now


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:01 pm

Both sides claim to hold the airport at Donetsk at this time. From what trustworthy sources (those less likely to lie...more neutral positions), it appears that the rebels indeed have the area under control. Further proof is the constant shelling that Donetsk city has been at least reduced greatly too.

- Press TV: ride around a destroyed airport with rebels

- War In Ukraine: they explain that the last opposition left the airport previous night
fragments land near them during interview and you have to admit that this guy kept cool about it on camera...

- RT News: Oct 7 clip showing Poroshenko not bargaining over Ukraine borders
now I show this as I noticed all the donated vehicles are light armour vehicles designed mainly for crowd control, not for field battle.

- Reuters: seems the rebels have more new recruits as their women decide to join in the fight


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:54 am

- War in Ukraine: Ukraine army attacks explained by the DNR

- Anti-Maidan: an OSCE observer tells of atrocities he witnessed on a TV debate
some pretty gruesome stuff too

- TV News: seems NATO has launched another exercise in Ukraine

- Belgium stays for East Ukraine rights

- Ukraine News: shows a heavy gas being used on the outskirts of Donetsk.
Is this another atrocity to add to Ukraine's growing list?? You can see the flare type shells landing in the region of gas. It does not matter how many rebels they think are in the area, they know this gassing will kill alot of civilians too.

Maybe this is just smoke and they are advancing upon the airport region in full force instead. This too is designed to again allow them full access to the region to continue their shelling as before. Again, this tactic killed the civilian population more than any other. But this too seems to go with the overall game plan or they'd change things up otherwise. I'm betting that they intend to make those of the east suffer through the coming winter without heat and other essentials. The elements will take their toll and the west won't have to do much then.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Thu Oct 16, 2014 4:07 pm

Now I am posting early as I was trying to find further info regarding the gassing of Donetsk last night. Still nothing further so far.

- Ukraine Today: Ukraine has now started a 300 km "Great Wall" to divide Russia and Ukraine.
note: the tank trench directly in behind the wall.

- Albania and Norway show their allegiance as they too now impose sanctions against Russia

- Press TV: inside the DNR's tank repair facility

- NBC News: now this looks like other peoples footage being reused as propaganda and I doubt this is the real NBC News

The above link claims that Russian troops are fighting at the airport. Yet they ride in a car with men of various uniform types. They show no military discipline and present nothing of value to prove the title applied. I present this footage to try and show viewers to note the attire of the rebels. Most have no bulletproof vests. Many haven't even a helmet. Those that do have likely acquired them off someone dead. It is so obvious that they are not being supplied very well by Russia and likely not at all. Many rebels even show disgust when others mention they are supported by Russia as they bear nothing of consequence to even suggest such backing. Yet the web has continuous threads suggesting this to be true anyways.

- War in Ukraine: 3rd part of a series shows the the chaos inflicted upon the people of Donetsk
Caution: very graphic and shows wounded children too. I present this only to get the viewers to better consider the aspects of condoning such a war

The are more reports of very sadistic acts by the Ukraine army. So bad was one that I will not present it. Needless to say that the coverup of these atrocities is giving way to promote even greater ones being committed. Unless soldiers are punished for such war crimes, they will likely continue to increase. The hardships faced by the people of the east Ukraine have been very traumatic and yet the likelihood of far worse is yet to come as winter draw near.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Sat Oct 18, 2014 7:48 pm

- War in Ukraine: still holing the airport. Also mention of heavy fog earlier, but that was all... Also mention of heavy fog earlier, but that was all...

- Ukraine Today: heavy propaganda but they proclaim they still hold the airport
They also proclaim that they'd never target civilians and they are too good at their job to miss. Now I could post alot more just like this from these guys but why? Do you really believe them after the proof I always present showing their claims false?

- War in Ukraine: interview with DNR leader
Show the still hold larger % of Donetsk airport. He openly states rebel losses and that they held off Donetsk advances with only 100 men. It is easy to see that they don't have the equipment and manpower of the Ukraine army and often fix what they capture.

- News Ukraine: SBU foil terrorist attack
Wow, a backyard terrorist! That is about as bare-bones as a bomb can get for sure. And in a country where they seem to have so much ammunition laying everywhere these days. And how did the guy know to look in the sealed box?

- Here is another interesting video.
Seems to be taken from over the city of Donetsk and at the same location where I questioned the fog. The shelling has the earmarks of phosphorous rounds again and are banned as a weapon of war. They were used earlier by the Ukraine army and seem to be here too. You can also tell that there is alot of smoke, not fog all about that isn't from this present shelling. The author suggest it is Pro-Russian but they hold this region being shelled so that is very unlikely. Either way, more of the east is destroyed all over the regions natural resources.


Re: Ukraine hunger in Donetsk

Post by Knuckle » Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:35 am

- Reuters: 4 dead 9 injured from further shelling Donetsk
Seems that this time the Ukraine army at least only hit a school on the weekend while it was empty

- War in Ukraine: Democrats at Work
Warning: very graphic, shelling kills more civilians, note how adapted they are now to death?

- War in Ukraine: rebels won another round at the airport it seems

- RT News: Russia wants to create their own web
mentions the US threatens Russia could lose their internet access, etc. as reason for Russia to now build their own systems

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