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a letter from a prepper to a none prepper your thoughts ?

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:57 pm
by buggymak110
Dear Friend:

I love my friends, but I will shoot you if I have to.  I’m serious.  Here’s why.

I tried to persuade you to prepare for what’s coming and, in the process, revealed that to you that I’m preparing.  You realized that I have food, guns, etc., and ended up saying, half kidding but half serious, “I’ll come to your place when SHTF.”

No you won’t.  I will shoot you.  If you threaten me and my family, I will use force to defend against any threat.  And showing up at my place hungry and unprepared is a threat to me.  You will eat my food and use up my medical supplies, generator, firewood, etc.  That’s less of these life-saving things for me and my family.  That’s a threat.

Is this greed on my part?  No.  I will take care of the truly needy – those who cannot take care of themselves.  But you are different.  Very different.  You had plenty of chances to prepare for yourself.

But what did you do?  You spent the weekends watching football, went on expensive vacations, and never made your spouse mad at you with your “crazy” ideas that something bad was happening.  You didn’t do shit because… you would just come to my place.  Problem solved, right?  You didn’t need to spend time, money, and create domestic strife because I did that all for you.

Not.  Why should I spend my time, money, and stress just so you can waltz into my place and live happily ever after?  I’m a nice guy, but – really? – I’m going to spend my (very limited) free time, disposable income, and domestic tranquility just so you can have a leisurely life and more material comforts pre-Collapse while I don’t?

Why do you think I will sacrifice enormous amounts of my time and money so you can enjoy yourself while I’m slaving away?  Would you assume you could come over and leave your broken car at my house?  That I would just spend thousands of dollars on parts and several weekends fixing it and then hand it over to you with a smile – just because I’m a “good guy”?  Would anyone expect that?

You do, apparently.  You actually expect to waltz over to my cabin and receive – with a smile – thousands of dollars of food and other supplies that took me all my weekends to acquire and store.

So, my grasshopper friend (as in the story of the grasshopper and the ant), here is your official warning: if your “plan” for your and your family’s safety is to come to my place, you’re wrong.  When you show up, I’ll ask you to leave.  When you don’t, I’ll point a gun in your face.  If you refuse to leave, I will shoot you.  You are a threat to me.

You had years of time and very clear warnings to get ready.  But you didn’t.  Hey, I love football but haven’t been able to watch a game in a few years; I’ve been fixing up the cabin, buying supplies, and training with the Team.  I spent a lot of money doing all these things so I haven’t gone on a long vacation in… forever.  I have had several difficult times with my wife because of all the prepping I’m doing; I could have easily done what you did, which is just say “Yes, dear” and not prepare because she didn’t want you to.

I hope this message jolted you.  There’s still some time.  Go prep.  Please understand that your plan cannot be “I’ll come to your place.”

Re: a letter from a prepper to a none prepper your thoughts

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:52 am
by helicopilot
It's a fair warning, but I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself very lonely after this. If those around you know you're a prepper and have not changed their ways (or ridiculed you for your endeavours), an ultimatum type letter isn't going to change their way much, except they will now see you as that tinfoil-hat-wearing guy that is also a douche.

I suppose I have a different point of view. My circle of friends is rather small and to a certain extent, they have an idea that I subscribe to preppers beliefs. I actually expect - and to a certain extent, hope - that my friends will turn up. In my opinion, "TEOTWAWKI" isn't a one man effort to not only survive through, but thrive through. Homesteaders used to have very large families to work the farms for their subsistence. Now most families have maybe 2-3 kids at most, and compared to our homesteader ancestors, they didn't need to have able-bodies for security business.

So, when I prep, I count for extra mouths to feed. It wouldn't be gourmet food, but I can get bulk pasta and a few extra cans of veggies when they are on sale. Let's face it, there would come a point where surviving is no longer about living off the larder you've prepped, but rather about moving on. That means large gardens, tending to animals and/or hunting, gathering and processing firewood, providing security and defense and even, maybe, going on scavenging missions. This isn't something you can do by yourself and a small family. If you're part of a network of preppers, then bravo (note that even then, they may be associates by nature, but not necessarily friends and you might be getting on each others' nerves after a while). Otherwise, maybe plan on stashing a little B,B&B for your buddies too and don't burn bridges quite yet!

Re: a letter from a prepper to a none prepper your thoughts

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:52 am
by peppercorn
I think this or some version has been posted before. This is your typical survivalist imagining what he would do and say if he had a friend :roll: ...I should be so lucky as to have my friends come out,I don't get to see them enough, I have unlimited work to do. I could use the help, Some of them helped me build my home, the skills they have dwarf mine..Neighbourse too come on over, its cheaper to cook for many than a few.... I will let others shoot their friends... I wont be shooting mine

Re: a letter from a prepper to a none prepper your thoughts

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:55 am
by buggymak110
Yes it's obvious to have friends with great skills.... and not being a lone wolf or being selfish.... great to see others perspectives !!! Thanks for the comment.... stay safe cheers.

Re: a letter from a prepper to a none prepper your thoughts

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 4:55 am
by cernunnos5
Yup. The old guys speak.

I have a saying. The single most valuable prep is other people.

Considering the amount of weeds in our garden, I would have no shortage of things for them to do. Heck, Ild probably head into town to find the homeless camps or scourer the forests for starving survivalists dumbfounded there is no deer and berries, to say, "Have I got a deal for you. Budy, You are gonna owe me"...

Re: a letter from a prepper to a none prepper your thoughts

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:24 pm
by helicopilot
Here's an article on community and preparedness that is worth the short read: