what do you prep for ???

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what do you prep for ???

Post by buggymak110 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:39 pm

In the great prepping community they're a lots of scenarios than we can prep for !!!!! Some of us are for an economy collapse, WW3, EMP man made or natural, natural disasters and so on..... so for what reason do you prep ??? And what event made you start prepping ????
I would like to know your story !!!! Cheers.

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Re: what do you prep for ???

Post by oldmanprepper » Tue Sep 15, 2015 3:52 am

I prep for the upcoming crash.2008(2.0).Wanna be out of the way of the whirlwind!Take the newyork blackout,x hurricane Andrew,then add the louisianna hurricane,(I'm thinking how the masses acted)that's whats gonna happen anywhere there is large populations

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Re: what do you prep for ???

Post by endangeredspecies » Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:09 pm

just in case !

same reason i keep my karate black belt on the trunk of my car whit the spare tire .. just in case of emergency :D

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Re: what do you prep for ???

Post by alpha1 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:50 am

hello, well to say what do we prep for, i guess all that could happen, of course we cant be ready for everything its some what impossible, but we try to be at least ready for what could happen, I mean with the basics, food, water, tools, survival gear, medical supplies, alternative power, communications, fuel, camping gear, emergency shelter, bug out trailer, ATV and now working on the build of a mini bug out off road camper , we cant predict what will happen it could be anything and nothing, but still the same its better to be ready than sorry, we live close to the city south shore of Montréal and if something big would happen we can all speculate, the panic and chaos it would bring, not to mention the major problems to get off the island the trafic would the just unthinkable , the freeways jam pact , to date we have been lucky but all that could change in the matter of a minute, if you look at all the trains in and around Montréal the chemicals they carry, the harbor, same thing, road transports, look at megantic imagine something like that in Montréal it would be a disaster like it was for those who suffered there , it could be a pandemic it takes only one virus one bacteria cumming of a boat, plane from abroad and if it hits here like a plague well,
water contamination is very possible , power black out just the same, economic collapse, war, the way things are going and have been going lately in and around the world , our political leaders playing Russian roulette with each other an all the others waiting to see who will pull the trigger first so they can blame the others , it takes only one Nobel Prise winner to hit the button and all hell will break loose , the ever changing weather freak storms, I am not paranoid just aware that anything and every thing could happen , I dont have the funds to build a bunker or fall out shelter and heaven with the funds would not go to that extent but to have some survival equipment at the house thus give you an advantage to stay wait it out or bug out if it comes to that, we just like to be on the safe side of things,,, thanks Mike

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