what do you prep for ??? and what made you prepping

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what do you prep for ??? and what made you prepping

Post by buggymak110 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:34 pm

In the great prepping community they're a lots of scenarios than we can prep for !!!!! Some of us are for an economy collapse, ww3, EMP man made or natural, natural disasters,

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Re: what do you prep for ??? and what made you prepping

Post by alpha1 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:03 am

Hello , for us the family and I, its all about what can happen , we can't no for sure but the way things are going anything can happen. thus that make sense.
preparing for any emergency is just common sense to us, you can't be ready for everything but to keep water, food, and basic survival equipment at home will give you some advantage , you know when you see so much disaster all around the world today , freaky weather, major storms, floods , hearth quakes , pandemics, war, and all of the above you wonder if it will it you, someone you know or your community someday, to date we can say we have been lucky here in Quebec, we have had some disturbance but we could be hit with something big some day, the ice storm was a big turn around for many preppers,
as for us we prep as we go day by day, food water emergency shelter, heating , gaz, medical supplies, tools, survival gear, ATV , bug out trailer, and now working on the build of a mini bug out camper, like I say we never know , hopefully nothing will happen but in the case its better to be ready than sorry ,,, Mike,,, ;)

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