Hello NB Preppers

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Hello NB Preppers

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Hello preppers in the new brunswick area new to the forum and been living in oromocto area for 3 years now since the recent NDAA signing my mind went into overdrive and started buying long term storage products right away i have always been talking about it and looking into it and where to start and i have now started full tilt. My being here though is to find like minded people like myself in the NB area and share advise tips and tricks on prepping and mabey even set-up a network of people willing to work together in these times and in the future when help may be really needed if anyone is interested let me know.

One of my favourite quotes is " If your not always prepared your never prepared"

Happy Prepping

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Re: Hello NB Preppers

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hey i no how ya fell we may be in for some hard times i just joind dis site today and im looking to network whit ppl also
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Re: Hello NB Preppers

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A Nb based blog that covers some prepper and Survivalist stuff

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Re: Hello NB Preppers

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all take a look sometime need to work on my preps more first
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Re: Hello NB Preppers

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james has ten thousand dollars to contribute

we are a single parent farmily with 32 years combined experience

we also have a 29 year old man that is single dad is gone mom lives in maylasia

we are 45 dad 24 female 16 male I RAISED FOUR CHILDREN ALONE FOR 16 years since they were 7 4 2 and three days old
I grew up farming NOT BIG AG but old style farming we milked fourty cows by hand family of SIX had a cream farm
and a cream separator

i lost two girls to a cult they are gone
now its just the three of us WE DONT WORSHIP MONEY and we cant stand people that do
and all money will be worthless when the COLLAPSE THE DOLLAR in the USA

we have found a farm organic land and are looking for others that want to farm 100 acre farm for 125 grand

live simple GROW FIVE ACRES OF FOOD yes we know how have a market garden
and grow organic pasture fed beef james is a vegetarian so others are welcome

if your not telling everyone else eating meat is wrong because ITS NOT wrong

we are serious about a depression thats coming food will double in the next three years

a war with iran is unavoidable the military industrial complex WANTS WORLD WAR THREE

I have studied for sixteen years now IF YOU ARE NOT AWAKE dont even bother writing


the house is five bedroom two small sheds that can be converted into bunk houses for single men

the barn is huge and the land is good and organic the land has not been used in five years

income potential is low end 40 thousand a year
garden low end 10 thousand a year
people are free to work part time full time whatever

WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT GARDENING serious about community and serious that things are going to get alot worse

integrity@cyg.net Robert Alisha Matthew James threeofus
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Re: Hello NB Preppers

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Hello fellow NBer's!

Re: Hello NB Preppers

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Hey there New Brunswickers!

Re: Hello NB Preppers

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HI there. Just starting out in all of this.
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Preppers in the Moncton area...

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Hi, are there any preppers in the Moncton area who are looking to start a survival group?
Let me know!


Re: Hello NB Preppers

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Im in Oromocto as well, been here for 4 1/4 years now and was hoping to learn some skills in case of economic collapse or basically any other SHTFS. Glad to hear Im not the only one in the area, makes me feel a lil less batshit crazy lol
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