Our families progress! (Pictures)

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Re: Our families progress! (Pictures)

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I'm concentrating on working really hard to pay all my fall bills. I git my biggest pay ever at just over 4600 clear. I worked 13 out 14 days. One would think im tired but the stress relief and working more days instead of alot of doubles; feels like I'm on vacation. We go out more and most of the kids activities, school and taxes are paid off. Besides winter tires the cars are in good shape too with low mileage.

Garden was a disaster with no spring and a freeze that froze right throught our tarp in late August-early September.

The wife made apple sauce with local apples from a friend and planted the St Anne onions he gave us.

I'm hoping to head down to the homesteaders land by bracebridge in late october and prepare a garden for next year as redundancy for ours and to help the people there.

Im wishing you all a great evening and keep plugging away at your resiliency

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