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Photo Project Preppers

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:45 am
by corinnak
Hi everyone,

I am Corinna, 30, a German photojournalist and documentary photographer, part of Getty Images Reportage. For the last two years I have been traveling to various countries to tell people’s stories through photo documentaries. I am currently working on a photo project on ‘Preppers' and the motivations behind preparing against forces beyond one’s control.

Through photography I aim to explore Prepping as a natural response to our modern society. I want to understand to what extent Prepping acts as a coping mechanism, giving a sense of security and safety in our regulated, yet disorderly and fast-changing world. I am interested in how it affects and shapes people’s lives, in what way it empowers one and in what way it restricts one. My project aims to give insights into the lives of Preppers in order to challenge preconceived notions about this topic and questioning the stereotypical structures entrenched in society. Therefore I am searching for people who are interested in taking part; by telling your stories I would like to address people who identify with the prepping lifestyle, as well as bring it closer to those unfamiliar with it. I use my photography to further understanding of what lies behind certain facets of the human nature.

My project involves a portrait series of Preppers, shot in their homes or some prepped personal environment, as well as documentary photographs that convey their prepping lifestyle and how it shapes their daily life. Of course you will get your photos that I take during your project and I am happy to also take photos just for you.

I will be visiting Montreal in October and it would be great to find participants there or in other Quebec areas. But of course, anyone who is interested in participating, please reach out since I travel a lot and will continue this as a long-term project. Moreover, if anyone knows about specific events or meetings related to prepping, I would very much appreciate if you could let me know.

For your reference, here my website:

and Getty Images Reportage profile:

Please get in touch via my e-mail

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Re: Photo Project Preppers

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 6:23 pm
by Denob
Hi Corinna,
I have moved your post to this section that has been set up for media requests.
Your project sounds interesting and I am in the Montreal area.
I may know of a few others that might be interested in a group opportunity with you.
Could you please email me with more details.

Re: Photo Project Preppers

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:44 pm
by corinnak
Hi Denob,

Thanks so much for moving my request to the media section!
Great to hear about your positive response to my project and thanks a lot for your support, really appreciate. I would love to meet you and some other Preppers in the Montreal area you might know.
What is your e-mail address that I can contact you on? Feel free to ask any questions about my project, looking forward to exchange ideas on this.

All the best,