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Re: antibiotics

Postby Denob » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:48 pm

So, I went onto EBay and ordered from here:
I know Peppercorn will be scolding me for buying American (and from EBay to boot), but there really didn't seem to be a Canadian source.
I ordered the 100 ct Fish Mox (250mg)...total with shipping and exchange came to $38.11.
It came in the mail today...inside the package was a flyer for 20% off from their online storefront.
I didn't even realise they had one...here it is:
The prices are a bit cheaper than on EBay (normal because EBay takes a cut) and for some reason the shipping was free!
Combine that with the 20% coupon and a bottle of 100 ct Fix Mox Forte (500mg) came to a whopping $26.00 after exchange!

EDIT: The expiration date on the Fish Mox is 10/19...not that that is a big deal, but goes to show that they aren't pushing out old stock.

EDIT 2: The free shipping was in fact a mistake...add $19.52 (14.99us) to that.
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